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Double Shot Of Smashin’ New Rock

Slow Down Molasses with Moon Queen


Canadian shoegazers Slow Down Molasses have dropped Moon Queen, their first single from the their third studio album ‘100% Sunshine’. Keeping the instrumentals fairly basic, Slow Down Molasses’ latest single are for those into some heavier psychedelic sounds.

Comparable to My Bloody Valentine and The Clash, the Canadian 5- piece employ some seriously spacey vocal chops and heavy hitting drum beats. The vocal takes are covered with delay, reverb, and phaser effects to bring to mind a similar tone to Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. Guitar riffs are overdriven and fuzzed up, creating a large wall of noise that creates the shoegazey tones that Slow Down Molasses are known for.

Moon Queen is noticeably heavier when compared to their previous single Home. Featuring the same big atmospheric sound as Home, Moon Queen features more basic instrumentation, using rich heavy guitar tones to fill the mix.

The band have said that their upcoming release reflects the sense of fatalism and their music provides introspection, reflection, and liberation.

Their forthcoming record ‘100% Sunshine’ is due out on Friday, 2nd of September.

Black Foxxes with HUSK

Black Foxxes RESIZE

Exeter trio Black Foxxes are here with Husk, the latest cut from their forthcoming album ‘I’m Not Well’, due out Friday, 19th of August. Frontman Mark Holley (vocals/guitars) has said this album is dedicated to those fighting battles with mental health.

Husk sonically brings to mind the likes of very early Foo Fighters and Blur. Holley channels fat guitar tones along with howling vocals that are inspired by real experience and real pain. His vocals are reminiscent of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain, influenced by a heavy mix of early 90s grunge sounds. Fitting together with the absolute mayhem that makes up the mix, the thrashing drum beats are cathartic and the thumping bass lines are slinky and heavy.

Black Foxxes have stepped up the pace compared to their previous single I’m Not Well. Husk is a faced-paced song that is driven by heavy guitar riffs, while I’m Not Well is more reliant on the simple guitar/vocal mix that makes up the majority of the track. Both tracks show how diverse Black Foxxes’ forthcoming album ‘I’m Not Well’ will be, transitioning between heavy highs and quiet lows.

“This record is for all you ill f*cks, fighting that daily battle in which ever way that may be,” says Holley.