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Down And Out Reveal Rebellious New Single ‘Paper Skin’

Following on from their widely-embraced EP ‘All Things Considered‘, Tandanya/Adelaide-based pop-punk band Down And Out have just revealed their defiant new single Paper Skin‘ – produced and mixed by Stevie Knight (Stand AtlanticYours Truly, RedHook) and mastered by Grant Berry of Fader Mastering.

‘Paper Skin’ detonates with the confronting vocals of frontman Luke Ganeo, before creating an eclectic soundscape that fuses distinctive guitars with fluctuating synth leads. Frantic electronics propel the verse towards an elevating chorus, perforating with dynamism and aptitude. Throughout the track’s duration, Down And Out explore their sensitivities with devotion to subtleties and genre-bending production, as the song discloses an array of tainted subject themes.

Down And Out explain the meaning behind ‘Paper Skin’:

“The song is about being in a situationship that falls apart due to a lack of clear communication and intentions. It’s easy for things to become messy quickly in a situation like that unless everybody is on the same page, and this situation became messy pretty quickly. Unfortunately, if nobody has the insight or guts to call it off early enough it can devolve into an unstable and toxic dynamic, which is exactly what happened.”

Alongside the release is the stimulating accompanying video – filmed, directed and edited by Colin Jeffs (Yours TrulyWindwakerDiamond Construct). Shot at Mobile Barber Shop Depot and Hijinx Hotel in Meanjin/Brisbane, the performance clip is a visually satisfying depiction of the song’s multilayered components. Down And Out explain: “The locations were chosen by Colin based on the mood he got when listening to the song, he felt it was a bit dark but also had lighthearted sections which is why the clip jumps between the dark, somewhat gothic aesthetic to the bright colours.”

To celebrate the release, Down And Out will traverse the East Coast of Australia with pop-punk group SoSo, appearing at The Chippo in Eora/Sydney, Dicey Riley’s in Dharawal/Wollongong, and The Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar in Naarm/Melbourne. In the live arena, the band have previously shared the stage with RedHookThe Dead LoveDrastic Park and GRXCE.

Written by John Zebra