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Dream Dali Jump Into The Stratosphere With Their New Single, ‘Rosary’

Brisbane psych outfit, Dream Dali has today unveiled their flowing new single, Rosary. This one follows on from their top-shelf wonderous 2021 EP, Life In Legato.

Rosary starts off with a grinding flow of rolling bass and straight drum work, front man Aldous Emerson jumps in and adds his infectious vocal offering, The track winds and flows into a soundscape that feels like you’re flying through space at an astronomical rate. Piercing experimental arpeggiated synth work mixed in with diverse and fun creation makes this jump out at you.

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“Rosary is a fictional and metaphorical lover or infatuation that continues to hurt you, and yet you can’t help going back to them. Rosary is a representation of the people and relationships you have projected your ideals on.” – Dream Dali

A track that fits in perfectly with their scene, Rosary is a dynamic tune that highlights Dream Dali’s talent of forward-thinking music creators. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro