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DREGG Attacks Capitalists With “Sorry Daddy” Video


Sick and tired of being labelled as lazy due to being a part of a struggling generation? Well Melbourne metal outfit DREGG are and have made this clear (about time!) in their new single Sorry Daddy.

Sorry Daddy is a dynamic and energetic track that is driven by its gritty guitar and bass work, a la Rage Against The Machine (by the way how gnarly are Prophets of Rage?!). Vocalist Christopher Mackertich uses his pithy, fierce style to intensify the lyrics and the political context behind them.

The group is said to be an ‘off-wordly metal band, with inspiration drawn from hip-hop to fast-paced hardcore’, and this experimentation is vigorously displayed throughout Sorry Daddy.

DREGG effectively use the song to communicate their perspective on the pressures and expectations placed on adolescent’s in modern Australia. They do this in an artistic yet confronting manner, bringing to light the financial struggles current youth face in the existing economic system.

The music video is a humorous dig at modern living, beginning with “DREGG News” reporting on issues like mortgages, high-school drop outs, and morning traffic (URGH!). A few familiar face masks also appear throughout the video, including David “Kochie” Koch, Kim Kardashian, and even that guy from Aussie Home Loans (John Symond). American asshole Presidential candidate Donald Trump also shows face in a scene where he appears to be ‘intimately stroking’ a baseball bat.

It’s still early days for the Melbournain metal group, but already it’s clear that DREGG is more than just the last sip at the end of a beer and will become prominent in the national metal scene.

Check out the kick-ass video for Sorry Daddy below!

DREGG Live Dates
Supporting Jack The Stripper

SAT July 16
The Workers Club, Melbourne
SUN July 17
Wrangler Studios, West Footscray

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