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Dro Carey Releases The Grime-Inspired Thriller ‘Atmosphere’

Dro Carey

Soothsayer has been pumping the absolute goods lately—especially with the Willaris. K EP release. Today, they’re excited to share the next Dro Carey single, Atmosphere.

Strap in, this one heavy. Dro Carey has significantly shifted his production style for a trap and grime-inspired thriller. Abrupt and not holding anything back, Atmosphere is an abrasive new venture for the producer. Shifting gears from his heady house fillers to the spiky, brashness that we hear today, Dro Carey just proves he’s continuing to evolve his electronic moniker.

For the single, he’s employed the talents of rising hip-hop star Kwame, London MC Renz (of Mob Set), and Boston via Sydney’s Raj Mahal. With these three collaborators, Dro Carey barely has any breathing room, though he does well to balance their talents evenly. In its succinct three minutes, Atmosphere is forever in fifth gear. His guests fly and flutter their lines over his innovative and sharp beats. It doesn’t get more left-field than this.

Stream Atmosphere below.

Written by Jake Wilton