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Du0 Reveals Enchanting New EP, ‘Float’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based artist Du0 is no stranger to writing compelling electro-pop tracks. In his new EP ‘Float’ he continues this moving output, creating sounds and melodies that can soundtrack any human experience. Completely produced by himself, the EP is a five-track collection that features artists such as Reo Cragun (Flume, Lyrah, Daniel Allen) and Julia Ross.

From the opening track, ‘Your Arms’, Julia Ross’ vocals skyrocket over large and warm instrumentals as pulsating kick drums carry the song forward. The toe-tapping rhythm centres the song as infectious melodies invite the listener in, and relatable lyrics create a daydream-like atmosphere.

Both ‘Echoes’ and ‘Overdrive’ feature Reo Cragun’s earnest vocals that elevate both tracks into carefree and unchained passion and freedom. The tracks are the perfect songs to accompany a long car ride, a late night under stars, or a night out with someone you love. The accumulation of synth-funk and vivacious pop tendencies give the song its vibrancy and colour.

Summer Nights’ brings the same electronic soundscape, but with different textures. The female vocals and harmonies are ethereal, with the lyrics ‘you are my summer nights’ leading into the hook. The saxophone appears as a pleasant surprise after the first round of the chorus and adds to the rising energy of the track.

The final track of the record ‘Walking On A Dream’ is Du0’s take on one of Empire of the Sun’s most notable tracks. It completes the record by harnessing his trademark sound to close the sparkling body of work.

Throughout the EP ‘Float’ Du0 explores “the feeling of being untethered and not caring about what comes next.” The collection of tracks allows the listener to be pulled into the world Du0 creates, and as said from the artist himself, “just float”.

Written by John Zebra