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Dulcie Devise The Ultimate Teen Drama Soundtrack

West Coast sweethearts Dulcie recently released their single ‘tell ur friends’, a track that nestles perfectly amongst an iconic teen drama/romance film soundtrack.

Since entering the scene in 2019, we’ve found Dulcie’s creations to be the epitome of warm infectious indie-pop- and this new track is yet another sugary addition to the trio’s catalogue. Following on from their 2021 debut EP ‘Sake Of Sound’ and recent touring with Ocean Alley, ‘tell ur friends’ came together as a co-write with songwriter Chris Chidiac (Polarheart). The girls explain: “this song came about a bit like Frankenstein – with various bits and bobs picked from previous half-written songs and merged together with a song co-written with Chris.”

Read below to tune in to the coming-of-age romance soundtrack that Dulcie’s woven together!

The Idea Of You – Evie Irie 

Your friend’s friend is throwing a house party and you’ve managed to get the address. It’s messy, it’s loud, and full of unfamiliar faces. You walk down the hallway to find the bathroom and stumble into a stranger. Locking eyes it’s like staring destiny in the face!!! 


I Want To Be With You – Chloe Moriondo 

It’s obvious by now that you’re more than “just friends”- even though that’s what you’re telling everyone. It’s a matter of time until one of you blurts out how they really feel. 

tell ur friends – Dulcie

Sometimes red flags look green in the right lighting.

You’ve fallen hard but still stuck in the “what are we” phase. Things feel secretive and confusing. Your telling your friends about them but are they telling theirs? It’s hard to figure out when you’re blinded by love!! 

abcdefu – GAYLE 

You were into them but absolutely over it now! Charm couldn’t hide their true character and you see it all so clearly now. It’s that part of the film where you and your friends go to the mall for retail therapy, revamp your wardrobe and show them how much you couldn’t care less – even though you still miss their dog. 

good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo 

Their holding hands as they walk down the boulevard and you catch them in your review, almost running the red. Every part of you that was almost over it turns sour and nasty. Through gritted teeth you bear a smile and wish them the best. 

Bite Me – Avril Lavigne 

It wasn’t easy to stop confiding in tubs of ice cream and crying on the bathroom floor – but eventually your bestie comes round to snap you out of it. Pulling you out of bed, slapping some lipstick on your face and dragging you to the car – you start to feel yourself again. Before you know it you’re cranking this song into the sunset, windows down and hair blowing everywhere, screaming self love out of the sunroof.

Stream ‘tell ur friends’ everywhere now & grab tickets to their April shows in WA here.

Written by Alice Powell