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Eagles Guitarist Glenn Frey Dies, Aged 67

Glenn Frey Dead

Glenn Frey, guitarist for legendary American rock act Eagles, has passed away yesterday following complications from pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis.

The guitarist’s family and fellow Eagles members commented on the devastating news saying, “words can neither describe our sorrow, nor our love and respect for all that he has given to us.”

“The bond we forged 45 years ago was never broken, even during the 14 years that The Eagles were dissolved,” singer Don Henley said in a statement.

The Eagles were co-founded in 1971 by Frey together with Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner.

The band mixed rock with country music influences and was one of the most successful acts of the 70’s, with multiple hit singles to their name including Hotel California in 1976, that Frey co-wrote with Henley.

The band had a bitter split in 1980 but reunited in 1994 to release ‘Hell Freezes Over’, which the band said was a reference to Henley saying the Eagles would only get back together when “hell freezes over”.

Frey composed a number of the band’s biggest songs, such as Heartache Tonight and Lyin’ Eyes, and had a successful solo career with his hit The Heat is On recorded especially for the 1984 film Beverly Hills Cop.

Frey is survived by his wife Cindy Millican Frey and their three children.

R.I.P Glenn Frey: 6th November 1948 – 18th January 2016.