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Edie Releases Powerful New Single ‘Cool Girl’

Perth/Boorloo alt pop artist Edie has dropped her latest single, ‘Cool Girl’, a rock-pop anthem that challenges gender expectations. The song showcases gritty guitar riffs and memorable hooks, channeling deep-seated emotions that span generations.

Edie’s new single is more than just music; it’s a statement. Cool Girl tackles the pressures placed on women to fit into certain molds, especially the idea of being the “cool girl” who goes along with everything. Edie’s lyrics and sound tear apart these outdated notions, showing a raw and honest side of her experiences.

Accompanying the single is a music video that visually represents this struggle. Edie portrays different “cool girls” throughout history, from a medieval maiden to a 1950s housewife. These images highlight the unrealistic and often harmful expectations placed on women. By the end of the video, Edie appears as herself, symbolizing breaking free from these roles.

In her own words, Edie explains the inspiration behind the song: “Men often want someone ‘chill’ who excuses everything they do. I wanted to express my frustration with this idea.”

Edie’s ‘Cool Girl’ is available now, and her debut EP ‘unsaid’ will be released on August 9.

Written by John Zebra