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EDIE Unleashes Raw Emotion in New Single ‘Lie to Me’

Perth-based artist EDIE unveils her latest alt-indie single, ‘Lie to Me’, encapsulating the raw emotions of post-breakup turmoil. With a blend of grungey basslines, brooding vocals, and catchy drums, the track delivers a bitter yet captivating narrative of betrayal and self-discovery.

EDIE confronts the aftermath of deceit with biting honesty, drawing inspiration from personal experiences of her ex’s lies and her own sharp retorts. This departure from her usual dance-ready tracks offers listeners a darker, more introspective sound, while maintaining the edgy essence woven into her music.

The song’s lyrics, laced with feminine rage, resonate with anyone who’s felt the sting of deception and the validation of being proven right. It’s a poignant exploration of the conflicting emotions that accompany realizing the truth after a breakup.

“‘Lie to Me’ explores intuition and how you should always trust your gut feeling. It delves into that bitter resentment you have for an ex that moves on with the person you always had suspicions of. It’s angry, it’s scathing, and it’s vicious!”EDIE.

With its ability to be both a cathartic anthem of anger and a soothing melody for everyday moments, Lie to Me showcases EDIE’s versatility as an artist. Whether belted out in frustration or hummed during mundane tasks, this track promises to strike a chord with listeners across diverse moods and settings.

Written by John Zebra