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Empire Of The Sun Reveal New Album, Title Track “Two Vines”

empire of the sun

Empire Of The Sun is teasing us once again with the release of title track, Twin Vines from their upcoming album.

To be honest, we were a sceptical when Nick Littlemore described the album as an “image of a modern city overtaken by a jungle, almost like mother nature taking back the planet”. This was not something that we thought could be achieved sonically, and we’re not sure it is, but the track was definitely a pleasant surprise!

The band has kept to their promise of returning to their “roots”, having followed the winning formula of We Are The People from ‘Walking On A Dream’. Kicking off with an acoustic guitar, which is later joined by a pulsating rhythm that work in tandem to build to the the dynamic chorus. Despite the common pattern, Two Vines does stand alone sonically, and draws strong parallels to MGMT.

Back with a vengeance is the distinct nasally tones of Luke Steele. With the quaint sonic background, his commanding vocal presence is felt for the duration of the track.

When premiering the track on Triple J this morning, the pair likened themselves to “fishermen”.

“We go into the studio and throw out a line, sometimes we don’t catch anything and other times it’ll be a big haul of melodies and chords”.

Based off this logic, they have reeled in the Atlantic Salmon of singles. It’s tasty, and the perfect accompaniment to a beach getaway. If this is anything to go by, the album launch is something to pencil into the calendar.

The fifteen track album will feature many VIPs including Fleetwood Mac’s guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, Prince’s guitarist and vocalist Wendy Melvin, as well as pianist Henry Hey and bassist Tim Lefebvre, who were instrumental in the recording of David Bowie’s curtain call Blackstar. It is set to drop on 28 October!

two vines cover