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The End Is Not In Sight For In Flames, And That’s The Truth

in flames promo shot

Swedish melodic metal outfit In Flames have delved into new territory with their two newly released singles from their upcoming album ‘Battles’.

Despite the band’s roots in melodic death metal, their recent releases have seen them move towards a more melodic or alternative metal sound. The two new singles, The End and The Truth are both great examples of the band’s musical progression. Rather than coming off as an old band grasping for relevance these new tracks are executed with finesse, seamlessly blending their older influences while still showing the band confidently moving in a new musical direction.

The Truth seamlessly incorporates synthesiser and choir vocals, effectively blending them with the bands heavier musical tendencies. The slower pace and chugging guitars of the song really allow the interplay between the melodic guitar lines and the synth to shine through. The switch to clean vocals for the majority of the song is a great choice, rather than the heavy vocals the band are known for, and allows a smooth transition into a hugely catchy chorus.

The End on the other hand is a much more guitar based track and is far more reminiscent of their earlier work. The repeated and varied melodic guitar riffs through the song really pulls it together as a whole, seamlessly flowing from verses to huge choruses and back. The solo towards the end of the track is extremely organic and a natural extension of the song, and focuses on musicality rather than technicality or speed, a trap many bands fall into with their solos.

While In Flames’s new material isn’t as frantic or heavy as their older work releases, these two new singles show a band that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries in new musical directions. ‘Battles’ drops on November 7th, and will surely be a highlight of this years heavy releases.

in flames cover art