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End Of The World Q & A: Sasha from ‘Slumberhaze’


Sydney based synth-pop outfit Slumberhaze have just released their music video to brand new single Run As Fast As You Can, Kids. Sitting down to chat with us about their upcoming tour and possible EP release date, we thought we’d take the opportunity to see how they’d hold up if the world was coming to an end.

If the world was coming to an end which band member would last the longest?

This would have to be Zoran. Patient, wise and the ability to slow his heart rate down to that of a cockroach in a freezer.

What would be the top 5 things you would take with you?

If water & food are not included, I’d have to take; surfing equipment, ipod, a knife, guitar, the bible/karan/darwins theory of evolution.

Who wouldn’t you trust?

The end of the world could be a tricky place and time, so I’m guessing nearly everything and everyone would be on edge. I probably wouldn’t trust a hipster.

Where would you run away to?

Must be an island. I’m hoping there is fruit and waves. I’m happy to die with fruit & waves anytime.

What would keep you going?

The waves, and a chance to write my memoirs. Id write a book, that would keep me focused.

Who would you pick to be your onscreen side kick?

If it’s a Hollywood actor, it’s going to be Kristen Wiig, she is f**king hilarious…..

What is something you wouldn’t eat even if your life depended on it?

Human, especially genitalia. 

Describe Slumberhaze using 5 words that start with the letter “A”?

Artful, Aging, Astral, Ape, Ass.

Where did you get the band name Slumberhaze?

We wrote a song called Slumberhaze, and the word came from the chorus. It’s our own word, it is the state of fogginess most people live in due to distraction, mind clutter, cultural habit & social guides. Don’t Believe The Haze.

How would you describe your sound if someone in the street came up and asked you?

Strange pop music with irresistible layering that can change at any moment. Question Mark music.

You’ve just released the music video for single Run As Fast As You Can, Kids, how are you feeling?

Motivated to promote it. We spent six months working at refining and writing the song, along with the rest of our EP. We are very pleased with the final video and how it throws us back to our Nintendo daze, so it’s nostalgic & sweet, too.

What is the personal meaning behind the single Run As Fast As You Can, Kids?

It is inspired by the way I was influenced by sport in school. To me, sport is supposed to be enjoyed, win or lose. I vividly remember being coached to run as fast as I can, which is of course what everyone should do, and that’s what I did. It’s a double edged sword of being trained to do your best and also to do what you’re told. It’s a fine line and that inspired RAFAYCK.

Where did you get the Mario Brothers inspired video idea from? & why?

The bass-line inspired the thought, and the beat reminded me of Mario or Luigi running through their world. So we altered the concept and made the backdrop in three stages: Stage 1 is Sydney in our youth, learning, growing and graduating. Stage 2 enters the work world of slime, coffee, drugs, enemies and consumption. Stage 3 enters the state of happiness and clarity, everything is colourful and the character is immune to the cuntiness. It’s the ultimate goal for all of us.

Do we have any confirmed dates for the release of your ‘RRR3’ EP?

Our next single is out May 13. And the Ep maybe 2 weeks after that.

Are you looking forward to going on tour?

Very, we haven’t toured for 2 years and we have been rehearsing tirelessly and cannot wait to meet new people and show our sound around.


If you hadn’t become musicians what would you have been?

Stand Up Comedians.

Slumberhaze Live Dates
Lass O’gowrie, Newcastle
The Milk Factory, Brisbane
Treehouse, Byron Bay (All Ages)
Rad Bar, Wollongong
Lazy Bones, Sydney
Transit Bar, Canberra
Penny Black, Melbourne
Baha Taco, Rye VIC