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Are Enter Shikari Going Soft With New Single ‘Redshift’?

Enter Shikari

British hardcore outfit Enter Shikari are back on the scene after a year since the release of their last album, ‘The Mindsweep’.

However, their new single Redshift may come as a surprise to their fans, with a huge change having occurred in their sound since their debut single (and certified headbanger) Sorry You’re Not A Winner.

Unlike their older tunes which had more emotive and raw vocals complimenting their thrash like instrumentals, Redshift offers much softer vocals and a modern pop-rock sound, creating a sort of Coldplay-Muse hybrid.

The accompanying music video though is pretty awesome, with the band’s label splashing out big time on the space exploration-themed music video.

The group’s vocalist Rou Reynolds says the song’s meaning is actually quite deep and meaningful:

“Our universe is expanding faster and faster and a few trillion years from now, everything will have sped away from us so fast that all we would see when looking out from Earth is empty space.

“We would deduce that we were totally alone in the universe. A lost sheep. The last and only biscuit in the tin,” said Reynolds.