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Enter The Interesting World Of Kimerica and Her Experimental Single, ‘Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo’

Enter the dark, interesting world of Italian indie-electronica artist, Kimerica and her experimental new single, Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo. It’s just over three and a half minutes of super sophisticated and thought provoking sounds.

Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo kicks into things with a deep bassline and quickly shifts into a seductive style tune fit with some travelling sample work. The fuzzy and experimental synth work make this tune standout. The vocal delivery is dark and adds to that seductive feel. Add that of some impressive arpeggiation in the back round and you’ve got a track perfect for a late night art house film soundtrack.

“It’s a nocturnal song, tells about a story of an encounter on the verge of the supernatural, alienating, self-destructive (maybe a panic attack?), which is resolved with the arrival, however, of a new dawn.” – Kimerica

Kimerica has done justice to her mysterious and quirky vibe by producing a tune that is superbly fit for her visual branding. Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro