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EP Review: Drown This City ‘False Idols’

Drown This City

Melbourne post-hardcore outfit Drown This City are out to make their first and lasting mark on the Australian heavy music scene with their killer debut EP ‘False Idols’. The EP is five genre-bending tracks, carved out together with brutal vocals, massive breakdowns, mind-twisting electronic sounds, and a fresh take on the metal genre.

We Are Not Dead kicks the EP off with a bang and creates a layered wall of sound that will get any venue bouncing. Frontwoman Alexandra Reade’s vocals shine in the track, being both brutal and beautiful. Reade skilfully switches from insane, flesh-ripping screams to soaringly melodic passages in the blink of an eye.

‘False Idols’ simply embodies epic post-hardcore vibes and total female empowerment in metal…

Then there’s standout track I’m Not Divided, which is a definite Crossfaith influenced head banger with its highly skilled instrumentation and top notch clean vocals. Its intensity echoes throughout the track alongside an explosive drum beat with propulsive grooves from Anthony Pallas and intense synthesisers in the background. The track is incredibly passionate and oozes its theme of rebellion.

‘False Idols’ simply embodies epic post-hardcore vibes and total female empowerment in metal with Reade being a beacon in a heavily male dominated scene. The EP is a sonic smash to the face drenched with pulsating synthy goodness, which will appeal to lovers of melodic heavy music as well as the dance crowd.

Drown This City are awash with talent that herald an entirely new age in heavy music. With their lineup and their unique and highly developed sound firmly in place the band are set to make a huge mark for themselves in the Australian and international music scenes.

False Idols’ will be released into the world on Friday 3rd of June. Read our interview with vocalist Alexandra Reade HERE

Album Rating: 3.5

Drown This City EP Launch

Workers Club, Melbourne

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