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EP Review: Meadowlark ‘Paraffin’


Just over a month ago British outfit Meadowlark caught our attention with the release of their killer single Paraffin. Adding only three more tracks and a world of emotions, Meadowlark are back with the release of their ‘Paraffin’ EP and it’s nothing short of an indie-pop masterpiece. The heaven-sent indie-pop duo, Kate McGill (vocals, keys) and Daniel Broadley (guitar, synthesisers), formed in 2013, releasing their debut EP ‘Dual’ in 2015.

Paraffin is a floating dreamland of airy piano chords with layers of synth and electronic percussion. McGill’s slightly raspy, but delicate vocals lead and drive the song as she sings, “I won’t lose you to love, I won’t lose you to time”. Meadowlark’s ‘Paraffin’ EP also features an acoustic rendition of the title track, highlighting the beauty in McGill’s voice.

“Stripping back the mountain of layers in the song you’re left with the raw piano progression, acoustic guitar, and McGill’s unmistakable vocals.”

Stripping back the mountain of layers in the song you’re left with the raw piano progression, acoustic guitar, and McGill’s unmistakable vocals. Despite it’s relaxed vibe, you can’t help but sing along as the lyrics echo, “You and I will grow“.  The added spice of Tender’s Paraffin remix does no justice to Meadowlark’s angelic soundscape, but is still outrageously enjoyable in itself.

Joining Paraffin in the collection is Meadowlark’s latest single Satellite. Diving in with poetic lyricism and modest instrumentation the duo provoke thought and emotion as McGill croons, “The thought of your skin on mine was enough to break me down…but what is your love“. Fluttering piano whispers underneath the main melody as each section progresses with intensity. A heavy bass line hits the first chorus, adding on with racing electronic percussion and hair-raising harmonies. Both singles demonstrate the duos ability to create irresistibly catchy pop tunes with just the right amount of individuality to keep their supporters coming back.

With their ‘Dual’ EP being produced by Oh Wonder’s Ant West, Meadowlark are set to be heading in a similar direction as their fellow British outfit. Meadowlark have been drawing in attention from all over the globe and already they’ve landed themselves multiple festival sets. The duo will be joining the line ups for Britain’s Dot To Dot Festival, Bushstock, and The Beat-Herder Festival. This will see them share the stage with The Temper Trap, The Sherlocks, SAFIA, and many more commendable acts.

Get Meadowlark’s ‘Paraffin’ EP HERE

Album Rating: 4