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EP Review: Sunrose ‘Strawberry Wine’

The transfixing, fantastical world of Sunrose has never appeared more alive than on their new EP, ‘Strawberry Wine’. After limitless singles and backed by an unnerving stack of live shows, Sunrose bring their seasoned, tried and true psychedelica to their very first, full-body collective of music.

Spiralling with constant key and tempo changes, Sunrose’s amalgamation of psychedelica is that of a frantic and panicked one. All the while appearing galactic and otherworldly, ‘Strawberry Wine’ takes more than enough journeys in each song to arrive at its destination. There’s some much to sink your teeth into. Acid-washed and spiralling a healthy gap in the psychedelic market, Sunrose’s new EP is a perplexing, swashbuckling psych adventure.

Tearing right into the one-two punch of Into A Dream and Takes Two, these songs idle between the sunshine which birthed them and the outer rims of space which call out to them. Full of immersive textures that give off an echoey depth and prismatic riffs that tumble through space, Sunrose’s production grants these tracks their own laws of gravity. Brittle, yet beautiful, the constant shapeshifting these songs undertake is an impressive feat to hear.

Whirlpool is the EP’s catalyst track. Emphasising their seemingly never-ending barrel of catchy hooks and whirring guitar antics, Whirlpool lets the placid and pleasant guitar tones do all the work. Not to mention the song structure being the real of the winner of this song, let alone the whole EP.

Road To Nowhere teases a deliverance that came from seemingly nowhere. They allow those sharpened skills to inhabit emerging human forms, a move that speaks as powerfully to the heart as it does to the brain. Though there is lyrics, the emotive narrative beckons from the sun-dappled guitar tones. Brush with planetoid tones, the guitar sounds on display display push and pull between rest and restlessness.

On EP closer and title track, it seemed anything could happen if you listened long enough. Reminiscent of my experience with Tame Impala’s Runway, Houses, City, Clouds. In the right context, this song can be endless. It lives beyond its album and inhibits a wider contextual life—that of psychedelic, wildly melismatic euphoria.

‘Strawberry Wine’ overflows with psych sensations—of being overpowered and delighted, of being buoyed up and washed away by Sunrose’s seemingly endless ideas.

Sunrose are currently on tour behind the EP. Catch the remainder of their dates below.

Sunrose Live Dates

Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
Beach Road Hotel, Bondi
The Rails, Byron Bay
The Zoo, Brisbane
Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney
Miami Marketta, Gold Coast

Written by Jake Wilton