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EP Review: The Do Yo Thangs ‘One Plus One’

the do yo thangs 2

Melbournian 7-piece The Do Yo Thangs had romanticised beginnings when lead vocalists Audrey Powne and Hugh Rabinovici met in jazz school years ago. Some harmony singers, guitarists, drummers and synthesisers later, and here is their debut EP! ‘One Plus One’ is a collection of lounge-jazzy R&B fusions and we have no doubt that it will take you to your sweet spot, pronto.

The band’s debut single One Plus One is a soft, sultry welcome number, starting the EP right with peaceful vibes. Powne’s airy vocals give the song a delicate flow while the drifting drums and lounge-inspired guitars might just make you want to zone out at your favourite outdoor bar.

Here Without You keeps that soft, flowing vibe going with a jazz inspired, ever-so-slight snare. Rabinovici keeps the vocals soft yet refined over the playful instrumental mix beneath. Plenty of guitar effects, ambient electronics, and rhythmic acrobatics will keep you wide awake through this soothing number, and by this point you’ll be hooked on this outfit’s unique and sexy sound.

Picking up the pace, Under Your Nose goes back to feature Powne’s vocals. Soul-filled harmonies and interwoven guitar and bass parts are layered beneath some sultry plucking. Once again, everything is clean, sophisticated, and oh-so-relaxed. You’ll want to dance to this one as it fills the EP with a bit more energy than the previous tracks.

Soft guitar plucking returns to carry on the clean, jazzy theme in Move On. The groovy and creative drum beats are complemented by the bass line which matches the rhythm to give this track a really strong backbone. There’s some unexpected instrumental experimentation (was that a clarinet we heard?), while Rabinovici’s vocals are complemented by female harmonies echoing through the chorus lines. This is the most R&B vibe we’ve felt yet. 

Indecisive ends the album with a sultry R&B bang. Wobbling, high-pitched synth and bouncy bass line fills the track with life. As every instrument harmonises with each other, the result is a feel-good slow jam with a touch of sass. This track gives off a quirky, Miles-Davis-meets-TLC vibe. If you can’t already tell, we’re pretty in love!

This album is exactly what should come to mind when you hear the words “groovy organic electronica”. The soft fusion of classic genres like jazz and soul with modern, bluesy R&B is like a breath of fresh air on the music scene. It’s soft but lively, refined but never forced.

Check out the music video for One Plus One below!

Album Rating: 4