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EP Review: Verge Collection ‘Open Plan Living’

Verge Collection Leaves press shot

With some of the most soothing, summery vibes to recently come from Australian suburbia, Verge Collection have finally dropped their highly anticipated debut EP ‘Open Plan Living’.

After conquering the almighty BIGSOUND festival only last week, Verge Collection are on a steam train headed straight for success with their latest release. Combining laid back guitar, punchy drums, and steady vocals, the EP sits in between indie pop and surf rock.

‘Open Plan Living’ is like a glistening summer afternoon, with an abundance of beers and goon, a blowup pool, and mates galore. However, the relaxed sound isn’t to be overlooked as the lyrics pack a punch, exploring everything from the monotony of the daily grind to depressive thoughts.

Eye Opener is a throwback to 70s slow rock with flowing rhythms and a catchy riff that’s sure to have crowds dancing nationwide. Overall, the song is simple yet does enough to be stuck in your head for at least 48 hours.

The EP’s middle section is versatile and provides a nice insight into Verge Collection’s more emotional side. Class of ’09 is a reflection on wasted youth. With lyrics focussing around the trap of comfort and unwillingness to push for independence, the indie tune is a standout. With its sweetly plucked guitar solo and soon-to-be sing-along chorus, Class of ’09 is one of Verge Collection’s catchiest tunes to date.

Too Much About You is the chilled tune to sooth all those Sunday morning hangovers. Reverb guitar and a spacey atmosphere fills the track with energetic surf rock vibes that break up the indie-pop oriented EP nicely.

Postcodes is glistening track reflecting on young love and suburban living. It’s throwback to old school gentle indie-rock with its shimmering slide guitar and relaxed vocal performance. Verge Collection have hit the nostalgic button and put us smack bang in the middle of Byron Bay on a quiet afternoon.

Verge Collection will be hitting the road this weekend to bring the nation the best that suburban Australia has to offer!

Album Rating: 4

Verge Collection Tour Dates

FRI 16 SEP w/City Calm Down
Capitol, Perth
Rottofest, Rottnest Island
Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Sounds of the Suburbs, Cronulla

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Written by Sam Muggleton