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EP Review: Winterbourne ‘Pendulum’

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A bright little sparkly EP is here! The Winterbourne lads have concocted a beautiful little collection of songs for your ears, it’s about bloody time. Whipping you on a journey through the ages, they’ve taken bits and pieces from the decades and created a melange of folk sounds, rock drum lines, and even some psychedelic musings. It’s been two years since we’ve had a record from these fellas, but oh boy has it been worth the wait!

Loaded with a bass fuelled rocket, Shape gallops out of the stables, giving you the right amount of bouncy drums that delivers the hype you need to dance around your room in nothing but your underwear, holding a hairbrush. Though the mood quickly changes as we go from Friday night rock out to a Perfect Sunday chillout. Slowing things down from there is a track that sports a falsetto that dives under your skin and delivering some delicious chills. When the Perfect Sunday vibes hit your ears, be ready to be taken on a summer holiday.

“Whether it’s the cheeky riffs, the dance-worthy tunes, or the honest lyricism, the pair are going from strength to strength as this snowball is slowly turning into an avalanche.”

But get ready to f*cking party with But I Do. Blasting off into an electric hook that grabs your hips and shakes them side to side, this is a dance number is certainly a highlight of the EP. A song about the uncertainty between potential lovers, Winterbourne have caught us hook, line, and sinker. A riff that gets under your skin and a chorus you can’t help join in on, it’s a track that’s equally catchy as it is fun to dance along to.

Floating Around settles things down a little bit with a delicate acoustic opening and a melancholic icing drizzled on top. The falsetto takes charge for this silky track that sores through the piece in a gorgeous style, a track that takes things back a notch and focuses on the subtleties.

Finale finesse comes through with When I’m Under, an outro track that takes us on an expedition through some experimentation. With some 70’s soft rock/psychedelic mixture of sound, a soft crescendo and moonlighting guitar solos, the track is certainly the most original track we’ve heard come from the lads. A track that’s reminiscent of the slow dance song of a late 70’s prom (and actually at some points reminds us quite strongly of Hopelessly Devoted from Grease), the track builds and builds to a glorious finish.

What starts off as a simple riffs swell into an assorted chaos of majestic musical magic. The textured layers employed throughout the EP show off a musical prowess, but Winterbourne’s use of acoustic intros and intricate storytelling abilities certainly show they haven’t forgotten their roots.

There’s something just so inherently likeable about the Draper/Brady duo; whether it’s the cheeky riffs, the dance-worthy tunes, or the honest lyricism, the pair are going from strength to strength as this snowball is slowly turning into an avalanche. ‘Pendulum’ showcases the latest and greatest of the Winterbourne boys.

Album Rating: 4

Winterbourne ‘Pendulum’ Tour

Ed Castle, Adelaide
Jimmy’s Den, Perth
Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne
Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

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Winterbourne Pendulum