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Eves Karydas’ Pop Soars Even Higher On ‘Further Than The Planes Fly’

Eves Karydas’ There For You was one of our favourite tracks from last and she’s followed it up with the bold and breezy new track, Further Than The Planes Fly.

Shooting back into our lives last year with the brash and elegant There For You, Eves Karydas went through an identity crisis to end up at the fully formed and confident young artist you hear today. Releasing music first under Eves, then Eves the Behaviour, Karydas has now dropped the monikers and began using her real name—symbolising her embrace to making music that is purely hers. Further Than The Planes Fly was produced by Karydas alongside Chris Zane (Passion Pit, Bat For Lashes), and co-written with Sam Dixon (Adele, Christina Aguilera, Sia).

Further Than The Planes Fly is a breezier pop gem compared to There For You. The plodding piano line keeps Kaydas’ honest lyrics in line and her loyalty in check. Her voice, however, is as strong as ever—enduring goosebumps within the first 30 seconds. Pop voice from Karydas’ talented mind has never sounded so important.

This song is about letting go of reputations and the parts of your life that are influenced by what other people think. It seems easier said than done… But one day the sky just sort of opened up and I started seeing things differently. I wrote this song off the back on that energy. I felt like I could do anything that day,”says Karydas

Again, Eves Karydas currently has no touring plans, even for her, now, hometown of London. We’ll let you know ASAP if that changes. In the meantime, stream the daring Further Than The Planes Fly below.

Written by Jake Wilton