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Why We’re Excited For The Brave’s Debut Album ‘Epoch’

The Brave

If you’re looking for some new hardcore music to spice up your week you’re in the right place ’cause Brisbane heavy hitters The Brave have dropped their music video for single Dreamless!

The expressive song features the powerful vocals and raucous screams of Northlane vocalist Marcus Bridge, who joined the Brisbane 5-piece to record the song and video while in town for Northlane’s ‘Equinox’ tour. Read our EP review of ‘Equinox’ HERE.

Following debut single Searchlights, Dreamless is the second single off of The Brave’s debut full-length album ‘Epoch’, set for release in August.

The Brave have been on Australia’s hardcore radar since the release of their first EP ‘Endless’ in 2014. Their strong and emotional sound (and lots of gig playing) has helped to stamp their name on the Aussie scene.

“You’ll feel uncomfortable, you’ll fidget, but you won’t be able to stop listening.”

Searchlights is a fitting lead single as it cements The Brave’s style as powerful, yet thoughtful. An emotional piece, this song shows that these guys can make great hardcore. Fast drums introduce the song, which builds its intensity through double kicks and thick, distorted guitars that churn out memorable riffs.

Lead vocalist Nathan Toussaint shows great control over his vocals, offering up a perfect tone over the song. Short, clean guitar sections bring the song back down to earth here and there, but it always climbs back to a brutal chorus. The screams towards the end are the perfect accompaniment to the many drum and guitar changes, complete with an epic breakdown.

Searchlights offers up a refined style of metalcore that is never too crowded, but stays larger than life with its riffs, screams, and build ups. It’s a song that tells you what The Brave are all about!

Second single Dreamless starts with a bang, as a dominant drum beat with atmospheric guitar layers blasts the song to life. The verses are filled with emotional, clear guitar motifs and clean, grounded vocals. The choruses turn the song up a notch, loading your ears with powerful screams and loud, hard instrumentation.

There’s a healthy mix of catchy riffs, vicious breakdowns, and soft vocals through the piece. These guys clearly know how to write a good song, and they’ve pulled out all the stops for this one. Sections on the song change quickly so you’re never bored, but as quickly as the song builds up, it suddenly ends. It’s one hell of a ride. Bridge’s feature on the song gives it a touch of Northlane and it really works, taking the piece to another emotional level.

The video features a mystery girl and Toussaint wandering aimlessly through dark houses and staircases doing whatever they can to pass the time, from showering to playing static video games. They always seem like they’re so close to running into each other, but they never do – both of them remain alone, and clearly restless, through the night.

It should probably come as no surprise to those who have seen the video that Dreamless is based on a time when frontman Toussaint was experiencing some pretty bad insomnia. “Sleep pretty much became a non-existent thing for me…I didn’t feel like the person I used to be, I felt like a bit of a zombie just walking around aimlessly,” he said.

Lyrics like “Forever sleepless, forever dreamless / When will my pulse return, when will the darkness fade” transport you to the long nights where Toussaint couldn’t sleep. You’ll feel uncomfortable, you’ll fidget, but you won’t be able to stop listening.

If these singles are anything to go by, The Brave’s upcoming album ‘Epoch’ is gonna be one for the collection! While you’re waiting for the album’s set release date of Friday, 5th of August, check out Dreamless below!

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