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Exploring Sonic Frontiers: This Week In The Universe Unveils New EP, ‘Everything Is What We Thought It Was’

The latest EP, Everything is What We Thought It Was, has just hit the airwaves courtesy of Sydney’s talented electronic music producers, This Week In The Universe. Nestled within this sonic treasure trove is the captivating lead single, “Salt,” featuring the ARIA-nominated singer-songwriter Odette. Salt emerged as the crowning achievement of their creative process, embodying the essence of fluid collaboration. This track seamlessly blends the unique sonic signatures of both artists, resulting in a harmonious fusion that stands as the duo’s personal favourite on the EP.

Everything is What We Thought It Was represents a dynamic amalgamation of creative alliances between local and global talents, further expanding the horizons of This Week In The Universe’s cinematic synth-pop universe. Within this EP, the Golden brothers, Beau and Casey, embark on a sonic journey that sees them collaborating with an impressive array of artists. From the powerhouse presence of hip-hop luminary Substantial to the lyrical finesse of New Zealand-born Sydney-based songwriter Wallace and the ARIA Award-nominated enchantment of Odette, the duo’s studio magic knows no bounds. Their latest work emerges as a vivid tapestry of soundscapes, inviting listeners into an immersive and endlessly captivating sonic realm tailored for repeated indulgence.

“This project of ours started back in 2020 with the track ‘Weightless feat. Wallace’ and the last track on our EP, ‘Superstructure’, which we started in an Airbnb in NYC in the middle of winter in 2019. We both work as producers and session musicians so we have the good fortune of knowing a lot of amazing musicians and artists. This project gave us the opportunity to work with some friends on something we really care about, but also gave us a chance to approach artists from Australia and across the globe we hadn’t worked with that we really admire.”

“The result of all this is ‘everything what we thought it was’, the culmination of the last four years and our best and most complete statement to date. Every one of the seven tracks has its own story, with the personality of each feature artist shining through, while all coming together into a united body of work.” – This Week In The Universe.

This Week In The Universe has crafted a mesmerising tapestry of sonic exploration where creativity knows no boundaries. This EP showcases their knack for forward-thinking collaborations with local and international artists and reflects their evolution as masters of cinematic synth-pop.

Everything Is What We Thought It Was is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro