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eyethewild Release Two Opus Debut Singles, ‘Can We Dance’ & ‘Emma’

Gold Coast trio eyethewild have released two stirring debut singles today, Can We Dance and Emma. Each hold a unique place in the coastal town’s music scene, while pushing the group’s old-soul serenity.

Formed by the members of AzmOsphere, eyethewild retain some of the former group’s DNA but register in a more psychedelic brand of folk-rock. These two tracks are on the same, yet polar opposite, spectrums—making them a reinvigorating and reassuring reassessment of the genre in which they land.

Can We Dance, the leader of the two opus pieces, is a true musical journey. Without hesitation, the urgency within the instrumentation—propelled by band leader, Astrid Ehrnholm—unfolds into a weaving cascade of harmonic guitars and baritone-rich vocals. The arrangements on Can We Dance are intricate without being showy, borrowing from various regional blues traditions and psychedelica to imply a sense of movement across a map.

Emma, on the other hand, is a more calculated and purposeful approach to songwriting. Where Can We Dance focussed on discovering sonics, Emma is a sprawling and soft neo-folk exploration. Ehrnholm’s voice—one of the most expressive baritones on the Goal Coast—is the showpiece throughout. The moment is fleeting, as if it’s never permanent. eyethewild sound gorgeous and ponderous all at once. Come the final coda, the band ramp up just a little until it breaks.

Stream Can We Dance and Emma below.

Written by Jake Wilton