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Fairytale Q & A: Wes Holland from ‘Black Cab’

Black Cabs

Melbourne trio Black Cab are the talk of the town at the moment, adding another hometown show due to popular demand in support of their latest single Uniforms. We threw a few questions at the buzzing electronic act’s drummer Wes Holland about how they’d hold up in a fairytale universe and about their killer 80’s electro sound.

Hanzel and Gretel shoved a wicked old lady into an oven, what would you use for seasoning?

Jamie Oliver reckons if the meat is of a high enough quality with just the right amount of fat, it should speak for itself.

The big bad wolf has just opened up a car yard, and you’re in need of a new tour bus. Would you choose the pumpkin carriage, Mary Poppins’ umbrella or the ruby red slippers as teleportation?

All those sound far more practical than this car we hired for use as a tour bus once. An absolutely terrible decision from go to whoa.

There is an old fairytale called Boots Who Ate A Match With A Troll. How do you that might have played out?

Great question. Combat Boots is a song from our last record Games of the XXI Olympiad. It was remixed by 4 different producers but we were pretty happy with how it came up in the end.

If you were going to sneak into an old castle and Little Red Riding Hood was going to help, what would you want her to bring in her basket?

I used to play in band called The Riding Hood. It was sort of an off-shoot band that came out of the ashes of Melbourne’s best kept secret The Sand Pebbles. We played some really great shows. In fact, one show we played to just three people – my girlfriend, my girlfriend’s brother, and Hollywood superstar Sam Worthington (of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Bootmen’ fame). That is a true story.

Princess and The Pauper style, who would you trade lives with just for one day?

Sam Worthington.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Black Cabs’ sound?

The best one I heard was by Ian Harrison the Editor of Mojo, “The Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive meets Escape From New York.”

Your latest single Uniforms has some pretty strong 80’s vibes, is that era of music a major influence on Black Cabs’ sound?


Finally, what can Melbournians expect to experience at your single launches in a few weeks time?

We’re doing a pretty similar set to the Golden Plains performance from a few weeks back. New visuals, new songs. And having New War, Taipan Tiger Girls, and friendships as supports across the two nights is pretty cool.

Black Cab Uniforms Single Launches

Howler Bar, Melbourne
Howler Bar, Melbourne
Saturday 14 May
Newtown Social Club, Sydney

Get Tickets HERE