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Fascinator Returns With The Wildly Existential ‘Sex Crystals’

Mover and shaker of high class rhythmic pleasure, Fascinator has returned to us plebs with a new single, Sex Crystal and the announcement of his forthcoming second studio album.

Unfamiliar with Fascinator? You won’t be after catching just a hint of the Australian-born, New York-based musician. Real name Johnny Mackay—previously of Children Collide—revels in the spacial psychedelics of music. Incredibly rhythmic, almost from a world music stand point, Fascinator is the right angle to every other psych band out there trying to break in.

With some sampling, reverb, groovy percussion and a *sexy* bass line, Sex Crystals is the more resolute the artist has sounded. Not to mention to absolute bonkers accompanying film clip. Brendan Burke and Mackay, the visual audacity to Fascinator has always been on an entirely other spectrum. It’s far beyond experimental; far beyond a David Lynch “weird for the sake of weird” pathos. Fascinator tells a story through his alien visuals that pairs with his existential sonic palette so well.

‘Water Sign’ is released on Friday 11 May via Spinning Top.

Written by Jake Wilton