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Fat Picnic Cake On The Reggae Fun With ‘Come And Get Some Good Vibes’

Fat Picnic sure know how to put a fun-as-hell spin on reggae. As a seven-piece, they have more than enough musical elements at their disposal and they use every single one of them to their advantage. Come and Get Some Good Vibes sums up Fat Picnic’s entire ethos as a band.

Though labelled as their most downtempo track released to date, Come and Get Some Good Vibes still emphases the group’s immaculate ability to create an atmosphere and dancehall pathos. The track’s sentiment is drilled in from the moment it starts up—Fat Picnic want nothing you to have nothing but amazing times listening to their music.

It’s an enraptured moment for the band. As the song progresses to its building conclusion, all the elements coalesce together so perfectly in an erupting and extravagant fashion. Fat Picnic are masters of crescendos in reggae and ska music. Their instrumentation is so unique and uses frontman Graham Moes’ vocals as a pedestal to uplift their collective strength.

Fat Picnic have been on the road for some time now this year but their touring is coming to a celebratory end tomorrow at The Zoo in Brisbane where they’ll be launching this amazing new single. They’ll be joined by Bullhorn and Golden Age of Ballooning. Pre-sale tickets are still going HERE.

Fat Picnic Live Dates

The Zoo, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton