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Favours Provide Your Sunny Afternoon Soundtrack With, ‘Slip Away’

Canadian new wave outfit Favours have recently released their smooth retro vibed single, Slip Away. It’s taken from their debut LP ‘Made To Wait. The self released album was two years in the making with two different band formations.

Slip Away has a feel of a classic 1980’s indie pop track with a psychedelic approach. You can hear hints of The Smiths style songwriting with a modern touch. Harmonious vocals over rich guitar patterns with added synth like chords for added measure.

Favours are Alexander Zen and Jackie Andrade. The two came together when they met on a music video over 10 years ago. “We have worked together on a few video related projects before the band and then decided music was something we would love to pursue together.” Alexander, Favours frontman.

The band are on a complete DIY level and they’ve done incredibly well to catch the eye of some tastemakers around the world including Clash, Earmilk and more. “We are completely DIY driven, with every aspect of the band being done by us. We like to create music and art for us, with the sole idea of making something we enjoy as the primary goal.” Alexander, Favours

An impressive run to say the least. Slip Away is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro