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Faye Webster Announces New Album + Single Ahead of Australian Tour

Leading up to her highly anticipated Australian headline tour and anticipated performances at Laneway Festival, sharing the stage with acclaimed artists like Steve Lacy, Stormzy, and Dominic Fike, Faye Webster has unveiled exciting news. The songstress declares the release of her forthcoming album, “Underdressed at the Symphony,” scheduled to hit the airwaves on March 1st.

Today, Webster unveils her latest single, Lego Ring, featuring the distinctive collaboration with Lil Yachty. Accompanying this fresh track is an engaging music video that transcends traditional norms, featuring both Faye and Yachty immersed in a video game. Crafted by the video’s visionary director, Kyle Ng of Braindead Studios, the visual narrative adds an innovative layer to the sonic journey, creating a dynamic fusion of music and gaming artistry.

Since the launch of her latest full-length project, Faye Webster has witnessed an extraordinary surge in her audience, propelled by the virality of her songs ‘Kingston’ and ‘I Know You’ on TikTok. What sets this phenomenon apart is the authentic connection her fans feel to her music, despite Faye herself not being present on the platform. Over the past year, her Spotify streams skyrocketed by an impressive 1100%, accompanied by an astonishing 3000% surge in YouTube views. Faye now commands a staggering 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify, a testament to her widespread appeal. This surge in popularity extends seamlessly into her touring endeavours, evident in her major US headlining tour last fall, where every show sold out instantly, prompting the addition of multiple nights in key markets. The palpable energy surrounding Webster’s performances is undeniable, with fans passionately singing every lyric and capturing each moment on their raised cell phones, encapsulating the fervour that defines her live shows.

Beyond her musical prowess, Faye Webster reveals herself as a true multi-hyphenate talent. As an accomplished photographer, she has lensed campaigns for a diverse range of artists, including Killer Mike, Offset, D.R.A.M, and notable brands like Nike. Additionally, she occasionally steps into the realm of modelling, showcasing her versatility in the creative sphere. Beyond these artistic pursuits, Faye is a dedicated yoyo enthusiast, embodying a unique blend of passions that define her individualism. These distinctive touches elevate her allure, making the prospect of exploring the next chapter, “Underdressed at the Symphony,” all the more enthralling.

Underdressed at the Symphony will be available on CD, cassette, black vinyl and “Faye Blue” vinyl where records are sold. A limited edition Blue & White Bullseye vinyl will be available via

Written by John Zebra