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Fazerdaze Unveils The Powerful New EP, Break!

New Zealand singer/producer and multi-instrumentalist Amelia Murray, better known as, Fazerdaze, recently revealed her first body of work in over five years – the creative and unique 6 track EP, Break!

Featuring the previously released singles, Come Apart and the title track, Break! It also showcases the new tracks, Winter, Overthink It and the focus track, Thick Of The Honey. Vinyl lovers also get a little treat; if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a copy, it has an added track, Flood Into.

The EP sees many styles and genres explored; Amelia wrote most of the tracks during a three-month lockdown in NZ while living in solitude for the first time and directly in the aftermath of a nine-year-long relationship. The result is a unique body of work highlighting Amelia’s songwriting talent.

“Because I was so private about the pain I was experiencing I called the EP  Break! to reflect the way that I got myself out of the pain; by breaking, shouting for help, drawing a line and telling people around me that I’d had enough. It was an ugly but transformative time, and I made massive shifts forward in my life when I finally allowed myself to come undone. In this space of brokenness, I found power, freedom, a blank canvas. Break!  is ultimately about surrender and acceptance of ugly truths.” Amelia Murray, Fazerdaze.

Break! It is an incredible return to form for Fazerdaze; it’s fun and emotional. It’s a perfect showcase of Amelia’s excellent songwriting abilities.


Written by Chris Lamaro