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SPOTLIGHT: Clea “Dire Consequences”


Brisbane’s newest songstress Clea landed on everyone’s radar at some point in 2015. With a serendipitous success from her first single Polyester, the 20 year old was showered with praise from a simple Soundcloud upload and with her latest single release, more praise is certainly yet to come. If you’re looking for the next big thing, we may have her here.

Premiered on triple j’s Home and Hosed program last week, Dire Consequences is the latest release from darling Clea that shows off the growth and maturing she’s done over the past year. After focusing on other projects like Zefereli (alongside Alistar Richardson of The Cairos) she has come back in full force, and is joined with a few friends.

With dreamy electric guitar layerings and gorgeous vocals, the irresistibly infectious tune will have your replay button working overtime. Dire Consequences certainly breaks any mould her first single may have placed her in, hitting home that Clea is certainly no one trick pony.

Dire Consequences sees a growth in musicianship and band members. Last year we had our hearts tied in knots with the cyclically delicate acoustic track Polyester, a track which was recorded in a bedroom in one take. Opening with a similar acoustic sound that we heard from her debut single, rhythm guitars, drums, bass and a few vocal experiments quickly chime in to take Dire Consequences in a whole new direction. The track builds on Clea’s songwriting prowess and turns the acoustic rawness we fell in love with, into a time-signature-confusing dance number.

From recording an EP with Zefereli, to touring with Gang of Youths, her plate has been pretty full as of late with being so gosh darn talented. The ‘watch this space’ tag that has surrounded the name Clea for so long had made fans become itchy for more, so her latest single Dire Consequences has been a long time coming. But good things come to those who wait; and boy was this worth the wait.

To celebrate the launch of the single, Clea is putting on an intimate show in Brisbane for those who are lucky enough to grab a ticket. March 2 at Black Bear Lodge, Fortitude Valley is where the party is at.

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