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Fickle Friends Drop 80’s Vibes & Summer Highs With Single “Brooklyn”


British alt-pop quintet Fickle Friends are on the pathway to becoming indie-pop stars following the release of their music video for Brooklyn. The track continues the Brighton-based band’s modern disco sound, featuring synthesiser-infused hooks and bouncy production.

Vintage arcade machines and pebble beaches seen in their previous music videos for Cry Baby and Swim have been subbed out for nostalgic 80’s Americana stimuli, under the duress of director Charlotte Rutherford.

As the band cruises through an En Vogue California, the music video jumps from place to place featuring a variation of retro diners, gas station car parks, and motel pools. Synchronised with the changes in setting is a quirkily dressed girl, assumedly the “Brooklyn baby”, becoming the primary focus of the video as she dances, twerks, and grooves intermittently.

Through the genius combination of whip-smart lyrics and hella danceable beat, Fickle Friends have hit the nail on the head with this summer indie-pop gem!