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Five New Tracks To Make Time Fly

KIT with How Hard


NSW alt-soul songstress KIT a.k.a. Kate Watt has been working the blues circuit since childhood. Her latest single How Hard proves she knows a thing or two about writing a great song.

How Hard is a raw, honest lyrical exploration of lost love and letting go. KIT says the song is about “[loving] someone so much that you can’t seem to break away, even though it’s destroying every part of you”.

A solid vocal performance paired with thick vocal harmonies and effortless electric guitar rhythms mould the tune into a captivating emotional composition. If you’re a fan of Meg Mac, KIT is guaranteed to scratch that anthematic indie pop itch.

Keep an eye out for KIT’s How Hard music video coming soon.

THE RUIINS with Eventually

The Ruiins

Gold Coast duo THE RUIINS are off to a strong start with their debut single Eventually. The carefree energy of the song is guaranteed to make you smile and perfect for the road trip playlist.

Just to keep you on your toes, Eventually is filled with unexpected mid-verse acapella sections, creating  moments of fleeting emptiness which make the song that little bit sweeter.

The restraint in the verses leaves room for a stronger shot of rock flavour in the chorus, where a driving drum beat and guitar rhythm form the ideal backdrop to an exceptional vocal delivery.

The duo expose their softer side in the bridge, stripping back the rhythm-heavy guitar and drums, before the chorus returns with all of its initial charm and volume intact.

The Ruiins’ debut single Eventually is set for release on March 11.

The Ruiins Tour Dates

Bridge Club Captin Cook Hotel, Sydney
Waywards, Sydney
Broadbeach, Gold Coast
Milk Factory, Brisbane
Quicky Boardriders, Gold Coast

MAT ZO with Sinful

Mat Zo

If you’re in need of a disco fix, LA-based producer Mat Zo has got you covered with Sinful ft. I See MONSTAS, the second single from his upcoming album ‘Self Assemble’. 

Sinful is packed with glassy synthesizers, perfectly capturing the 70s disco vibe that we all secretly love. Zo delivers the perfect accompaniment to a smooth vocal performance by I See MONSTAS’ lead vocalist SKAAR a.k.a. Bryn Cristopher. Zo’s classy electronic effects and rhythmic flair will have you bopping from beginning to end.

Mat Zo’s sophomore album ‘Self Assemble’ is set to drop on Friday 25 March.

HAELOS with Separate Lives


UK electronic trio Haelos are making a splash with Separate Lives, the new single from their upcoming debut album ‘Full Circle’.

The track starts strong with an intricate drum rhythm, a simple synth melody, and crystalline vocals. An attention-grabbing build-up and heavenly harmonies take the chorus to another level.

The trio says Separate Lives is “a reflection on the moment when you are choosing between staying or leaving and the underlying love that keeps you there.” If you’re a fan of Florence + the Machine the balance of purity verses grit in Separate Lives will hit the mark.

Haelos’ debut album ‘Full Circle’ will be released on Friday 18 March. Check out the music video for Separate Lives below.

JAMES CHATBURN with Cracks And Breaks 

James Chatburn

Do good things really come to those who wait? Sydney soul singer James Chatburn seems to think so. His new track Cracks And Breaks hesitates at every turn, holding listeners in lingering anticipation, but not a single moment goes to waste.

With Cracks And Breaks Chatburn proves himself as a talented vocalist with the skill and restraint to sustain an audience on little more than his own potent lyrics. A dreamy combination of keyboard and guitar makes the perfectly complement to his silky smooth baritone, complete with a side of vocal harmonies and lazy drum beats.

This is the perfect tune to accompany your Sunday afternoon leisure time. If you’re a fan of Jack Garratt’s compositional style, Cracks And Breaks will go down easily.

Written by Jess Martyn