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Flaskas Unveil Their Brand New EP, ‘Free The Mind’

Sunshine Coast ‘earth rockers’ Flaskas will release their brand new EP, Free The Mind tomorrow and today we have the joy of giving you the very first listen and a track by track walkthrough from the band.

Free The Mind is a collection of tracks that have been sensitively written to address the topic of mental health.

“The EP explores the emotional highs and lows we all face as we travel through the vast emptiness our outer consciousness. The intension of this project is to raise awareness for mental health and create a platform where we can deeper explore and understand our current state of mind. We are never alone when we extend out our hand, when we share our experiences, when we learn together as one.”  – Flaskas

 The EP features the previously released single, Sunny Dayz, which was inspired by the covid 19 pandemic and picked up some national radio play. The band will also kick off a tour in support of the EP, touching down in Brisbane, Sunny Coast and Byron Bay.

Check out the track by track walkthrough and give Free The Mind a listen below.


Sunny Dayz is our response to the Covid Pandemic and the present state of mind witnessed within the greater collective. It’s a bold anthem full of heavy howling guitar riffs infused with the clean vibrant warmth of fenders classic telecaster tones mirroring the suns warmth, a true tribute to those Sunny Dayz us Australians cherish. Delving deep within the psyche of a self isolated mind and the effects felt mentally and physically, Sunny Dayz reflects on the darker relays of mental health finally offering resolve throughout the song connecting the listener to adopt an alternative mind set to deal with life’s experiences. All in all Sunny Dayz makes for an exciting audio journey oozing drama with light, shade, pain and triumph.


Reflections is all about having a special place that you can go in your life to reflect on the day and just let go. The experience of life and the choices we make brings about a highs and low surges of emotions that can inflate or deflate u. Being able to consciously process our thoughts and resolve emotional tension and stress allows us to have a free-flowing state of mind. I found my place to reflect and process in the ocean. In this track I describe how much joy, balance and healing I receive from going to the ocean and reflecting on my life and enjoying the expansiveness in the element of water. In the second verse one of the lines portrays this saying ‘I got my belly to the seas like a big old snake shedding my skin in the waves’. Belly to the seas means me paddling my surfboard upon the ocean shedding my emotional baggage as the wind, salt and waves wash over me. What’s your special place?


Lights on is one of my all-time favourite writings that I have done. The song speaks of us connecting to our heart and soul beyond the physical and turning back on the lights hence the heading ‘Lights On’. It’s a track of self empowerment and self growth and portrays an inward journey that I’ve personally been on now for over 10 years that has changed my world completely through simple changes that have assisted my mental health hugely. The way we view life, the way we view all that we are creates our now and our tomorrow. The old quote ‘Life is a Perception’ isn’t far off it.  Enjoy ‘Lights On’ as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life.

Free The Mind is available tomorrow 19th Feb but you can listen right here today!

Written by John Zebra