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Fletcher Gull Reveals Captivating New Single, ‘Light Up’

Naarm/Melbourne-based songwriter, Fletcher Gull has just released his captivating new single, Light Up. The uplifting track follows on from his 2022 EP, Ancient History Shares a Knowing Smile.

Celebrated for his mastery in crafting poetic harmonies, Light Up took Fletcher by surprise, stealthily capturing his attention with a touch of whimsical timing. The outcome was a profoundly genuine and exposed composition, revealing a raw vulnerability that resonates deeply.

“The melody for ‘Light Up’ came to me while I was in line at a McDonald’s drive thru. I held up the queue for like 3 minutes fumbling around for my zoom recorder. I got honked and yelled at. Not the most poetic story,” Fletcher explains.

“At first I just thought it was a throwaway folk-pop song to consign to the shelf of my mind but I ended up coming up with some lyrics I liked, inspired equally by my sister and our favourite movie, Don Hertzfeldt’s ‘It’s Such a Beautiful Day’. Now it’s very close to my heart.”

In collaboration with Luke Bertoz, Fletcher meticulously produced ‘Light Up,’ expertly handling every instrument with precision. Bradford Krieger’s skilled mixing further enhanced the cinematic richness of the composition. Through a hopeful vocal performance, the song embraces the undeniable truth of mortality, gracefully and peacefully accepting its presence with every note.

Radiating a captivating warmth, Light Up takes the audience on an enchanting journey, marking a mesmerizing turning point for Fletcher. With his highly anticipated debut album, Songs From Before, slated for release this September, listeners are poised to gain a profound understanding of this enigmatic and adored figure in Australian music.

Light Up is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro