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Live Review & Gallery: Flight Facilties @ The Forum – 29.08.2018

The all-time Australian favourites, Flight Facilities, have blessed the nation with a tour—showcasing the classics and feeding us the latest tasty singles we’ve been listening to this year.

Their first song, I Need You, assured us that we were in for an electrifying night filled with dancing and good times—I mean, can you really ever have a bad time listening to these guys? I found their live set to have a more funky sound than their records, which was probably a result of extra percussion and some live guitar added to the songs.

I couldn’t help but be the most impressed with the vocals of Owl Eyes and Ric Rufio. I have never been so envious of a voice than Owl Eyes. Her stage presence was infectious. She was enjoying her self so much on stage that we couldn’t help but dance along and feed off her energy. Ric Rufio turned every song he sang into a soulful, yet groovy time, and made sure the audience was dancing along with him.

With an interlude of some classic Daft Punk electronics, the stage then lit up and The Forum felt bright with Sunshine as the next song. With the combination of Ric Rufio’s flawless voice, and additional live guitar, everyone was flying high with James and Hugo.

Arty Boy added some pop vibes to the night, and a dedication to ‘Nicky’ in the crowd meant that we were graced with a cover of You Give Me Something by Jamiroquai, which is NEVER a bad song to cover in my books.

The intro of Claire De Lune slowed down the pace with aviation visuals in the background and the original Piano version of the song playing, it built suspense as to what will happen next.

Everyone was all in for one of the final songs with Ric Rufio, Owl Eyes and the Flight Facilities boys joining forces for Stranded. It was great to see so many different talents on stage at the same time.

Crave You was of course the final song, Crave You is of course the song everyone can relate to when the person you like doesn’t like you back, and Crave You is the song that everyone goes NUTS to. A relatable, upbeat classic that we all love to dance to, finished off with a saxophone solo, which is also always a crowd favourite, obviously the night ended with a high that’s for sure.

Flight Facilities have an impressive talent with transitioning into songs effortlessly and smoothly. There’s a combination of electronics, instrumentals and vocals that all work so well together, which is why they are such an Australian favourite.

Written by Karla Smith

Photos by Emma Tkalčević