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Foley Share 5 Artists They’re Keen To Catch at SXSW Sydney

Drenched in energy, exuding freshness, and radiating vibrant charisma, the multi-instrumentalists Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, collectively known as Foley, have rapidly established themselves as influential figures in the vibrant pop scene of Aotearoa. Their music is a thrilling plunge into the world of pristine vocals, razor-sharp pop production, and irresistible rhythms, all of which have come to define Foley’s signature sound. By skillfully weaving together a tapestry of diverse sonic influences, this dynamic duo has propelled themselves into the spotlight, building strong momentum ever since their Award-Nominated Vacation EP.

Ahead of their SXSW appearance Foley has put together a list of artists they’re frothing to catch while in Australia.

Foley’s SXSW Sydney recommendations – who the NZ pop duo can’t wait to get around


Incredibly excited to catch this set! We’ve been a big Golden Vessel fans for a while and just love the intricacies of production that are being explored with this project. Hopefully the set is super late in the evening cause it feels like imma need to boogie to this!

Cat & Calmell

We’ve been LOVING their new era – it’s so visually striking and the music is so bold and fresh and incredible. These two are the ultimate duo to be honest, they’re so considered with their art so we’re super keen to see it in a live context too

Tkay Maidza  

What can we say!! We’re been obsessed with Tkay for a couple of years now, but haven’t had the privilege of seeing her live. Everything she does brings the craziest energy so you bet we’ll be front row

Teen Jesus and The Jean Teasers

To say that we’ve been smashing the album for the past week is an understatement! Really appreciate how honest and nuanced their songwriting is, and it’s straight up just so much fun. We’ve fallen in love <3


She’s a great pal and is just about to release her debut album which we are SO excited to hear live. She’s the kindest soul and has one of those voices that carries emotion so well, everything she does is special and we love her.


Foley is set to perform alongside all these fab artists at this year’s SXSW in Sydney. They play 5 pm on Thursday (Dr. Martens showcase) and 4.15 pm on Friday (Aotearoa House)

Written by Chris Lamaro