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Foo Fighters’ Drummer Releases Debut Song “Rang Rover B*tch”


The multitalented Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins is a veteran in the music scene. Hawkins has been kicking it for nearly 20 years and though he’s most well known for his career drumming for the Foo Fighters, he’s had a number of side projects under his belt such as Chevy Metal, Coat Tail Riders, and Birds of Satan.

Hawkins has officially announced he’s going solo while the Foo Fighters go on a little hiatus after some extensive touring in 2015. The first of six tracks on his debut album ‘Kota’ has been released through Hawkins’ Soundcloud account. Range Rover B*tch, clearly about Hawkins divorce, is a funky mix of versatile rock genres. The track delivers a chunky riffs, high octane drumming, and arena rock vocals.

Hawkins apparently has done ‘a Dave Grohl and played pretty much every instrument on each track. Range Rover B*tch still simmers a lot of Foo Fighter flavours, but it also has it’s own non-Dave Grohl vibes…it’s not exactly the Foo Fighters ok?

Hawkins is a major influence to many musicians, and ‘Kota’ will definitely be another reason why Hawkins is a seriously respectable dude. Rock on brother!

‘Kota’ is set for release on Friday the 11th of November. In the meantime check out Range Rover B*tch below!