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Foodie Q & A: Slowly Slowly

Slowly Slowly

Melbourne larrikin duo Slowly Slowly are turning plenty of heads at the moment, both due to their quality garage rock and also the name of their latest single PMTWGR (Pussy Makes The World Go Round. We threw the two gents some questions able their finer eating habits and about their upcoming debut album.

First we have to establish, are you guys “foodies” at all?

Big time. We are both vegetarian and are creatures of habit, but big fans of most cuisines.

Do you see eating as a task to stay alive or a daily pleasure?

It helps you forget we live in the matrix. It’s like, I hate my job, but wow I get a Mcmuffin on Tuesdays it’s not all bad.

What kind of food trends, if any, have you participated in?

I bought a nutri-bullet this one time. I got home drunk and was watching those infomercials- worst idea! I juiced all these lemons and made myself sick and was bragging to my housemates calling it “sexy juice”, but I’m pretty sure it stripped my stomach lining. Now I stick to the CLASSIC trends: coffee and heroin.

What kind of food trends do you find annoying and unnecessary?

Hotdogs. They are eternally gross. Is that even a trend though? Maybe at Eastland Shopping Centre in the late 90’s. Still relevant today though- horrible, horrible things.

Where in the world can we find your favourite dish?

Belloportos Burgers in Byron Bay.

Meat pie or Green smoothie?

Kick us the smoothie!

What would you have as your final meal?

Pack of chewies to die fresh.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe your sound?

Unabashed and honest.

Your latest single is called PMTWGR (pussy makes the world go round), what was the inspiration behind the lyrics to the song?

How the amazing women in my life take up my mental real estate and turn me into a hopeless romantic.

Lastly, you’re set to release your debut album in May, what’s three things people should know about the album?

  1. It’s self recorded and mixed.
  2. Dick Makes The World Go Round will not feature on the album.
  3. Some of the songs were written a very long time ago.