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Fool Nelson Reveal Anthemic EP, ‘Falling Apart’

Australia has a knack for producing intriguing indie-rock bands that write hooky, passionate singalongs, and with ‘Falling Apart’, Fool Nelson are stamping themselves as ones to watch in this space. While only four tracks, each song off the EP creates a distinct sonic footprint, showcasing their songwriting variety through instrumentation and vocal melodies.

The title track ‘Falling Apart’ opens the EP with a sombre tone, led by lead singer Tom Broadbent, who expertly jumps from roars that lift the crescendoing choruses to heartfelt, delicate falsetto. The second track, ‘Alright’, immediately launches out of the blocks and ascends with bounding distorted bass and gutsy drums. The track’s chaotic energy and fuzzy guitars create an infectious cut perfect for mosh pits.

Next, ‘Fading’ introduces rhythmic muted guitars that drive the track towards its cascading choruses as Tom’s reverb-soaked vocals float effortlessly above the fray. The expert use of dynamics takes the listener on a soaring journey of euphoric peaks and subtle troughs.

Closer ‘Level’ erupts with groove-laden bass as waves of distorted guitar chords slowly build and wash over the track. This makes way for the EP’s most heartfelt bridge, setting up for a searing guitar solo into the final chorus, feeling like a well-earned finale to the EP.

Already having supported the likes of contemporaries Ball Park Music, Old Mervs, The Grogans, The Rions and The Moving Stills, to name a few, the band are well on their way to carving a fervent supporter base of their own. They’ve previously sold out multiple headline shows and are heading on a string of further headline shows in their home state of Western Australia to accompany the EP. This potential has even been picked up by the national broadcaster ABC with them winning the triple j Unearthed competition for Groovin the Moo Festival.

Written by John Zebra