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Forces & Fury Send You Off To Dreamland With Their Latest Offering, ‘Got Away With Me’

Sydney based electronic duo Forces & Fury have had a busy 2020 with the release of 3 singles and catching the attention of some major tastemakers all over. Their latest single, Got Away With Me is a dreamy number with a trip hop influence that takes the listener into a realm of feel good harmonies and soundscapes.

Forces & Fury are Astrid Holz and Kat Ayala. They got together in 2016 after the breakup of their previous band. The pair had always written tunes together so Forces & Fury was a natural next step. The two were actually living in the Philippines when first formed and spent their days writing and recording. They then moved back to Australia with an arsenal of tunes ready to go.

Got Away With Me touches on Astrid and Kat’s relationship and how they help each other get through dark times.

This was all recorded during lockdown in Sydney after we lost 6 months worth of gigging income overnight. We had to help each other keep moving forward, so we focussed on creating. Astrid would track drums and vocals in our studio during the day, and then bring the computer and speakers home to continue recording and mixing with Kat in the evening.  – Forces & Fury

The new single is a catchy number that is dreamy and powerful. It’s worthy of your everyday playlist. Got Away With Me is available now, everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro