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FØRD Releases Killer New Chill Banger feat. Woodes

FØRD 2016

It’s no secret that Australia has a flair for fostering the rapid growth of a number of very young producers. Self-taught producer and multi-instrumentalist, FØRD, has collaborated with some sick international artists, completed his Ableton Live course, recorded some pretty ground breaking tracks, and has somehow played ping-pong with his idol Flume, all before he could legally buy his first case of goon!

FØRD’s new single The Pier (feat. Woodes) rubs off some serious tropical house vibes, with time spare ’til Summer. The production of the entire single is clean and poetic, with rattling future-bass warp, undulating synths, and entrancing rhythms topped with with Woodes’ soothing vocals leaving you wishing the track to be three times longer.

While there’s been no shortage of artists trying to trade-in on the popularity of electronic music varying in styles, FØRD gels his electronic music with a pop side, while mixing shades of R&B into his relaxed tracks.

There are a whole stack of artists trying to following in the footsteps of Mura Masa or Flume, but FØRD has already developed a distinctive sound after making his worldwide debut in March. Considering the versatility and quality of FØRD’s work at such an early stage of his career, it would be fair to predict many more exciting things from him in the not too distant future.

From brilliant self-created compositions to stellar collaborations, FØRD is seriously making a name for himself. Check out The Pier (feat. Woodes) below!