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Forget Lorna Jane, Heavy Metal Is Here For Your Health


According to science it might just be time for you get over the sonic assault that is Limp Bizkit and check out the Metal page on iTunes. Dr Genevieve Dingle and honours student Leah Sherman at The University of Queensland have made waves with their 2015 study which revealed hardcore music may actually have a calming effect.

The study looked at 39 individuals aged between 18- 34 who regularly listened to metal, punk, hardcore, emo, and screamo, and found that those genres helped them process feelings of anger and “immerse themselves in feelings of love”.

If that’s not enough to convince you, studies at Humboldt State, Ohio State, UC Riverside, and UT Austin have revealed heavier genres of music may even make you a better person in the long term! Researchers studied 1980s metal musicians and fans, who are now middle-aged, and found that despite living on the edge in their youth they’re now significantly happier and have a better outlook on life than those of similar age who didn’t listen to heavy genres in the 80’s.

Researchers were also left thinking that participating in counter cultures such as heavy genres may actually help troubled youths develop their identity. So it may be time to spike up your hair à la Sid Vicious, put on that Black Sabbath record, and get that extra piercing you’ve always wanted!