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Hump Day Blues: Four New Rockin’ Tracks To Get You To The Weekend

Struggling to get to hump day and need a pick me up? Well fear not, here are three new songs that will power you through the Wednesday blues.

131’s with This Ain’t Culture


After calling it quits with local legends King Cannons, former frontman Luke Yeoward is back and now leads new Melbourne punks 131’s. Bringing with him punk rock roots and ballsy lyrics, the band’s debut single This Ain’t Culture is an absolute gem.

Fiery and raw, the track is a flashback to 80s punk rock. Yeoward’s vocals add a unique masculinity to the song that is addicting to the ears (picture Bruce Springsteen singing for Rancid). With lyrics dished out in protest and in a rallying, call-to-arms approach, the bluesy, roots sound intertwined with punk is a breath of fresh air in the current overcrowded scene.

The 131’s self-titled EP is set for release in June via their own independent label.

 Beloved Elk with The Light of Dead Stars


Ambient, melancholy alt-rock at it’s finest. Melbourne duo Beloved Elk have recently dropped their music video for The Light of Dead Stars.

History shows us that two piece bands have an unfortunate habit of over crowding songs, creating a smothering, lifeless sound. However, the girls in Beloved Elk seem to break this curse, beautifully creating an atmospheric, haunting song that perfectly balances the mix between space and sonic bliss.

Beloved Elk will release new EP ‘Close’ this Thursday 25th Feb.

Portal Bat with Cereberus


Since releasing his first EP in 2015, Portal Bat (aka Christopher Loftis) has been juggling three different musical projects alongside his own as part of the homegrown label Breathlessness and Beyond.

A psychedelic and electronic fan’s dream, the colourful and trippy new video for Cereberus will make you see the world in a completely new light. The video is a journey through a lucky dip of influences and imagery that inspired the structure and tones of Cerberus. Make sure to keep an eye out for vintage anime, Mario, and Pokemon references.

Portal Bat’s second EP ‘Cereberus’ is expected to be released very soon.

Hedge Fund with Summer’s Getting Shorter


Sydney indie-rock outfit Hedge Fund have dropped their latest single Summer’s Getting Shorter. Combining shimmery indie rock with a nostalgic electro pop vibe, the Sydney mainstays’ sound has matured smoothly.

From the pounding post indie-rock sounds of their earlier work to a more courageous, experimental sound in Summer’s Getting Shorter, Hedge Fund have hit their straps with their latest single and we can’t wait to hear what else is to come.

Written by Sam Muggleton