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Four Fresh Tracks To Headbang Your Way Through Humpday

LETLIVE. with Reluctantly Dead

letlive final pres sshot

Californian post-hardcore outfit letlive. have released their second single, Reluctantly Dead, from their their upcoming album ‘If I’m The Devil…’. letlive.’s previous single Good Mourning, America is a politically charged and aggressive hardcore offering which earned a high rotation on triple j.

Reluctantly Dead however shows a new and vulnerable side to the band. The new track sees a shift from the aggressive rhythmically driven feel of Good Mourning America to a softer, emotional delivery. Jason Butler’s voice takes on a delicate melodic direction while the usually intense rhythm sections back off to create a more straight-forward hard rock song.

letlive.’s sophmore album ‘If I’m The Devil…’ is set for release Friday 10 June.

BEARTOOTH with Loser

beartooth press

US punk rockers Beartooth have released their second single Loser off their eagerly anticipated new album ‘Aggressive’. Since their inception in 2012 Beartooth have enjoyed a meteoric rise into the punk/hardcore scene. The 5-piece have toured the world, playing huge festivals such as Reading and Leads, Warped Tour, and Download, as well as sharing the stage with Pierce the Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, and Sleeping with Sirens.

Loser sees Beartooth take on a mainstream sound with more clean vocals and a popular and inspiring lyrical subject regarding teen outcasts and isolation. Loser parts ways with the hardcore influences of past singles Always Dead and Aggressive, and displays Beartooth’s wide musical range.

Don’t fret however, Beartooth haven’t lost their balls. Loser might have taken the band out of their hardcore comfort zone and into a more generic punk label, but with a full length release on the horizon it seems this is Beartooth at their cuddliest (because they’re bears, get it).

Beartooth’s sophomore album ‘Aggressive’ is set to be released Friday 3 June.

AVATAR with The Eagle Has Landed 

avatarband final

Swedish Alternative Metal 5-piece  Avatar have released a fresh new video for their mammoth single The Eagle Has Landed. The iconic Swedes have released a plethora of singles in 2016 from their latest album ‘Feathers and Flesh.’ The music video for The Eagle Has Landed is by far Avatar’s most ambitious visual project to date.

 Avatar have always had a strong association with the weird and wacky side of Metal, and this offering is no different. The 5 minute cinematic one-shot music video sees vocalist Johannes Eckerström in his usual goth makeup strolling through an early 20th century set, apparently trying to sell snake oil and being an evil nuisance to the unassuming townspeople.

The song itself has a catchy and unique vibe, drawing on subtle operatic and story telling influences which tie in perfectly to the over-the-top visuals of the music video. Seriously, what is in the water in Scandinavia?

LACUNA COIL with Ghost In The Mist

Lacuna_Coil ff

Italian goth veterans Lacuna Coil have released their new track Ghost in the Mist from forthcoming album ‘Delirium’. Founded way back in 1994, Lacuna Coil have had long time in the goth rock lime light and still show no signs of slowing down.

Ghost in the Mist sees dual vocalists Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia sharing the the vocal duties to create natural contrast between the aggressive verses and the uplifting choruses . Scabbia’s vocal range is huge, giving the chorus an awesome Evanescence vibe.

Lacuna Coil will be bringing their dark and unrelenting live show to Australian shores in October for what promises to be a truly gothic experience. Lacuna Coil’s eighth studio album ‘Delirium’ is set to be released on Friday 27 May.

Lacuna Coil Australian Tour 2016

Amplifier Bar, Perth

Max Watt’s, Melbourne

The Metro Theatre, Sydney

Max Watt’s, Brisbane

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