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Four Laid-Back Tracks To Drift You Through The Week


JP Klipspringer

Listening to this heartfelt indie-folk track is like frolicking in sun lit meadows and sitting on haystacks all illuminated by twinkly fairy lights. While The Beast doesn’t quite live up to its name – it’s tame, contained and almost formulaic – that doesn’t mean it isn’t good, clean folk.

JP Klipspringer’s crisp vocals and rolling guitar makes for a sugary sweet, toe-tapping ode to summer. The harmony-laden chorus and repetitive beat gives it a Lumineers’ like sheen and ignites the same kind of warm and fuzzy feelings. The Beast is the first single off the Melbournian’s upcoming album due to drop in September.

ROOMS with Stars Beyond


Sink into a beanbag and surround yourself with the soothing sounds of Room’s ethereal new track Stars Beyond. The Sydney psychedelic-pop duo wrote and produced the down-tempo track in their home studio using stacked-up cardboard boxes against the walls for sound treatment.

The track features a kaleidoscope of colourful psychedelic sounds, lush and layered guitar, and vocals so airy it feels like you’re floating through the sky. It’s an atmospheric and spacious love song that’ll launch you into the stars and beyond.

BORNEO with Eating Animals


As any self-respecting vegetarian will be quick to tell you, eating animals is wrong. So why does the Sydney 5-piece’s new song feel so right? Borneo’s Eating Animals is a laid back, ambling song with sun-drenched Go-Betweens-esque guitar lines, and chanting choruses sung with ‘Strayan twang.

The band, who describes their sound as “rainbow Rock’n’Roll” have released a fittingly fun music video. The clip features the band dressed in koala and cow suits, “eating” Big Macs slash smooshing the buns in their faces, and being force-fed vegetables. This is all intercut with Japanese McDonalds’ commercials, because art.

It’s like people only do these things because they can get paid. And that’s just really sad (full disclosure we do not think Ronald McDonald endorsed this sneaky product placement).

Borneo Live Dates

Great Northern, Byron Bay
Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast
The Milk Factory, Brisbane

PETER BJORN AND JOHN with Breakin Point

Peter Bjorn and John

The Swedish trio have learnt a thing or two from Lauren Bacall and are not afraid to put their lips together and blow. Like their hugely popular track Young Folks, the indie-pop group’s new song Breakin Point features some super sweet and catchy whistling. Breakin Point is an uplifting tune about reaching the pointy bit in life and the inevitability of change.

“It’s about waiting for new things coming ahead that will leave the past in the dust or at least make it look very different. About mental and physical adjustment. About kids becoming parents and maybe about growing up,” Peter Bjorn and John said.

Produced by Grammy awarding winner Emile Haynie (FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey), the track features swelling vocals, soulful harmonies, and steady acoustic strumming. Breakin Point was recently remixed by fellow Swede and Ingrid label-mate Miike Snow who gives the track a glitchy and techno spin. Listen to both versions below!

 Peter Bjorn And John Live Dates

Metro Theatre, Sydney
The Corner, Melbourne
FRI 22 – SUN 24 JUL
Splendour In The Grass
North Byron Parklands, Byron Bay

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