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Four New Electro Tracks To Keep Your Friday Night Mellow

GANZ with Gaobear 


If you’re a fan of British rapper Labyrinth, Ganz’s new single Gaobear will tick all of your musical boxes.

Ganz leaves no lyrical stone unturned, showing off his skills with an endless flow of perfectly-placed words. The bass is so infectious that you can press play, close your eyes, and be in the club without leaving the comfort of your PJs. The  electronic organ laid over clapping and heavy bass is a highlight – it’s a combination that shouldn’t work, but does.

This track will be over long before you’re ready to leave the party in your mind.

Ganz is set to release his new EP ‘GAO’ in April.



With their first collaborative effort, Yahtzel and Bengal, aka Max Armata and Kyle Hallam, have proven that minimalism in electronic music is no passing phase.

The class and simplicity of Bent make it a shining example of the duo’s collaborative genius. The combination of a minimalistic instrumental opening and a refreshingly unexpected piano melody give this track a moody, temperamental feel.  The piano sporadically features  throughout the track alongside an infectious electronic mix, creating a fascinating blend of dirty and dignified instrumentation.

Imagine a chilled combination of classy Friday night dinner and off-centre Saturday night rave, and you have Bent.

BEACON with IM U and Escapements


Thomas Mullarney and Jacob Gossett, together known as Brooklyn electro-pop duo Beacon, have just dropped their sophomore album ‘Escapements’.

The boys have delivered with this collection of musical dreams, packed with smooth vocal deliveries and can’t-go-wrong beats.

Opening track IM U has all the classic ingredients for a moody dance track with its deep pulsing bass and a simple, sultry vocal performance from Mullarney and Gossett. They keep the sound simple with plenty of repetition, adding in just enough subtle build-up to get you hooked. By the time you reach the chorus, you’ll already be enthralled.

Escapements starts with an ethereal electronic vibe, almost like a lopsided fairy-tale, and with the help of a quick, catchy beat, it completes its transformation into the perfect laidback dance track. In Beacon’s trademark style, the breathy vocals will take you to another place, and mixed in with a dreamy blend of pop, alternative, and electronic, they make this your go-to track for the late-night drive home.

Written by Jess Martyn