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Frank James Shakes Up Indie-Folk On ‘Killah’

Frank James

Emotive indie-folk has a new name and that is Frank James. Killah is the New Zealander’s new single and it holds true to the artist’s multidisciplinary motives of attempting to shake up the genre.

Frank James employs a unique bait and switch technique for his music. When you think it’s turning one way, it veers the other and throws another musical twist at you. Killah, especially, keeps you on your toes and constantly tapping your feet thanks to its raucous production and James’ distinctive vocal delivery.

His indie-folk is far from tried and true. His an experimentalist—throwing caution to the wind, signalling change and not stopping until he’s happy with the results. The pounding percussion remains a solid constant throughout and only looks to enhance as James’ flawless, almost-hip-hop quality vocal delivery.

For the track, James took inspiration from the women in his life to craft not only the lyrics, but the music as well.

I really wanted to emphasise the power a woman can have on you with this track—not just lyrically but sonically, too. The way they can draw you in, that’s the guitar; the chaos they can cause, that’s the beat; and although you know you should leave because it just might kill you, you stay, that’s the hook,” explains James.

Stream Killah below.