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Future Static Change The Game With Their New Album, ‘Liminality’

Naarm/Melbourne-based heavy act Future Static have just revealed their highly awaited debut album ‘Liminality’. The twelve-track album fuses elements of metal, rock and pop sensibilities creating a relentless record, led by the powerhouse lead vocals of Amariah Cook.

‘Chemical Lobotomy’ opens the record, as the band sets aflame an auditory inferno that delves into profound realms of comradeship over self-indulgence and detrimental habits. The track propels listeners into an onslaught of unyielding rhythmic strikes and scalding guitar riffs, harmonising with vocals oscillating between eerie screams and mesmerising chorus phrases.

As the incendiary introduction unfolds, ‘Venenosa’ follows as a cathartic outpouring, with searing guitars and thunderous drums symbolising lead singer Amariah’s subconscious expulsion of lingering malevolence that were expelled into the track.

‘Roach Queen’ leans heavily into guitarist Jack Smith’s bouncing, pitch-shifted riffs, channelling exasperation resonate through the instrumentals, provoking a resurgence of suppressed memories.

‘Icarus’ lyrically probes dissatisfaction in a seemingly flawless relationship, melding with the contrasting emotions of remorse and shame. The arrangement mirrors the emotional complexity of the narrative whilst ‘…And The Walls That Were Built’ acts as a poignant exploration of love’s dissolution, with prophetic undertones in the lyrics. The soaring crescendo is guided by deft instrumentation, mirroring the emotional journey of heartbreak.

Marking the album’s centre, ‘Waves’ continues to express Amariah’s experiences in the music, capturing the shared sentiment of neglecting one’s true calling amidst illness and global turmoil. ‘Illiad’ maintains the explosive instrumentation previously heard in the record, holding onto a blend of ire and solace in the face of a toxic friendship’s imminent termination.

‘Will I…?’ follows and explores the trepidation of pursuing a musical career, resonating with the hardships witnessed in her parents’ journey. ‘The Hourglass’ thematically delves into the consequences of trying to remedy irksome situations with misguided words. The dynamic interplay between instruments and vocals reflects the narrative’s intense questioning.

Serving as an acoustic number, ‘Halfway Across The World’ is a brief respite to the album, highlighting the band’s versatility.

‘Plated Gold’ lyrically addresses disillusionment caused by manipulative personalities, as the song alternates between forceful instrumentation and melodic choruses, mirroring the complexity of the theme with Sean Harmanis’ feature focus tying it together.

‘The Embers’ echoes the opening theme of ‘Chemical Lobotomy’, suggesting acceptance over imploring for change. The immersive blend of hefty instrumentals and delicate soundscapes captures the essence of maturation and allows situations to unfold naturally.

Collectively, ‘Liminality’ weaves a tapestry of eerily captivating and ruthlessly visceral sonic arrangements, firmly establishing the band’s place in the contemporary heavy metal scene.

Written by John Zebra